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Dubai: Security guards will now play a major role in enhancing security in Dubai, thanks to a new initiative announced by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA).

The agency has developed a new programme to monitor on-duty security guards on a live interactive map.

The Smart Guard programme will help communicate with guards near any incident for quick response ..

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All residential and commercial buildings in Dubai are now required to instal security cameras under a revised law that is aimed at reducing the crime rate in the emirate.

The decision has been taken following a number of serious and minor crimes, including thefts, that take place in buildings where no cameras are installed.

Starting August 26, owners of buildings wil..

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Below are the following security systems that you can notice in all the Residential units, Commercial &
Industrial places.

-Premises access control

-Video surveillance

-Fire, heat, water, and/or entry alarm

-Energy management of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning),

-control lighting, and p..
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Security guard duties and responsibilities will differ between Residential, commercial and industrial.

The security guard has responsibility to take care of the residences staying in the apartment, houses and